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Steve Schwartz, Founder & CEO

Tea Profiles

Selecting Organic Blooming Tea from Art of Tea

By On July 16, 2013

When you want simply the very best blooming tea to please your taste buds, you need not step out of your home or office. You only need to visit Art of Tea… Read More

History and Culture of Tea


By On October 30, 2011

With the end of October, we feel many things shift. Depending where you live, the leaves change color and fall, and migrating birds cross the sky. The temperature changes, the days grow… Read More

Health & Lifestyle

A Turning Cup

By On September 25, 2011

Tea is wonderful, however it’s enjoyed, and I think there is special pleasure in enjoying tea from a handmade clay cup which has been thrown on a potter’s wheel.  When you drink… Read More