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Tea Profiles

Caffeine Free Iced Tea Overview

By On July 15, 2013

If your passion for iced teas goes much beyond merely sipping on a cold glass of gold-colored liquid then you need to experience the tastiest range of iced teas only from the… Read More

Cooking with Tea

Pacific Coast Mint Marinated Lamb Roast with Fennel and Eggplant

By On July 16, 2012

This recipe is prepared with a 2 lb boneless shoulder roast lamb seasoned with Art of Tea’s organic certified, caffeine free blend called Pacific Coast Mint. The Marinade You Will Need: -3… Read More

Cooking with Tea

Earl Grey Chocolate Cake!

By On November 15, 2011

Earl Grey and Chocolate are two of my favorite things. Therefore I simply couldn’t resist the idea of combining them to make a CAKE!! I mean, who doesn’t like cake? It’s actually… Read More

History and Culture of Tea

Fermented Tea or Oxidized Tea? Whats the Difference?

By On October 17, 2011

Tea-culture is both science and art.  To produce a masterfully crafted tea requires both precision and intuition, accuracy of technique and sheer inspiration, much like composing and performing music. In both cases,… Read More

History and Culture of Tea

White Teas 101

By On September 30, 2010

Perhaps more than any major tea type but pu-erh, white tea is shrouded in mystery and misinformation. There are common misunderstandings about white tea’s origins, its caffeine levels and even its flavor profiles.… Read More

Fair Trade & Organic

Organic Tea Farmer Interview: Part I

By On August 5, 2010

Kinezuka Toshiaki is an organic tea farmer in Shizuoka, Japan. In the 1970s, he founded a collective of organic tea farmers, and over the years he became a vocal advocate for the environmental benefits… Read More

History and Culture of Tea

Japanese Green Tea 101 – Part II

By On July 26, 2010

Two weeks ago on the Art of Tea blog, we shared some of the key components that set Japanese green teas apart from each other. This week, we’re continuing the story of what makes Japanese green… Read More

History and Culture of Tea

Japanese Green Teas 101 – Part I

By On July 14, 2010

Japan is renowned for its high-quality green teas. At first glance, it may seem that Japanese teas are fairly uniform because most (but not all) of them are green teas. However, there… Read More

Art of Tea News

Apparently Mom Really Does Know Best

By On December 18, 2009

Apparently Mom Really Does Know Best… Check out the recent review from a 2009 Best of Blog Challenge. Yah, we know Chamomile is in the herbal category and the positive feedback is… Read More

Arts and Crafts with Tea

Hot Tea Gift Ideas on a Budget for the Holidays

By On November 19, 2009

Inspiration for this crafty gift idea came from…. “Teacup Lights,” “How to Make Candles,”… Read More