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3 Dollars a Cup or Retail?

By On July 29, 2008

The title question came in from a wholesale customer with Art of Tea and here is my answer… Pricing is always more expensive to be served something than to buy it retail. There are… Read More

Brewing Tea

Ti Kwan Yin – Green

By On October 2, 2007

The English translation of Ti Kwan Yin is “Iron Goddess of Mercy”. I think the translation of our TKY – Green should be “all day tea”. That’s what I like to call… Read More

Brewing Tea

Oxidized to Purple-fection

By On September 12, 2007

Oolong teas have been gaining popularity in Western Societies for the last several years. Many people have touted the health benefits of oolongs for their high level of antioxidants and increased metabolic… Read More