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Cooking with Tea

Cooking with Tea

Tea Truffles

By On March 8, 2012

These simple truffles are comprised of a few basic ingredients: chocolate, cream, sugar and tea! They’re surprisingly easy to make and you can infuse your truffles with the tea of your choice.… Read More

Cooking with Tea

Thanksgiving Treats: Pumpkin Muffins Infused with Chocolate Monkey

By On November 22, 2011

I know the holidays are coming when I start to see fall-inspired baking mixes such as cranberry, apple spice and of course, pumpkin. Thanksgiving is just 2 days away. Do you know… Read More

Cooking with Tea

Earl Grey Chocolate Cake!

By On November 15, 2011

Earl Grey and Chocolate are two of my favorite things. Therefore I simply couldn’t resist the idea of combining them to make a CAKE!! I mean, who doesn’t like cake? It’s actually… Read More

Cooking with Tea

Pumpkin Chai Cheesecake Tartlets

By On October 31, 2011

These tasty bite-sized treats will be a surefire hit at your next holiday gathering. Your guests will be begging for more…at least my guests were!!! Temperature: 350 ° F You will need:… Read More

Cocktails, Mocktails & More

Thanksgiving Day Tea Recipes and Beyond

By On November 23, 2009

The fact that tea wasn’t served at the first Thanksgiving won’t stop us from incorporating it into as many aspects of our modern day Thanksgiving dinner as possible.  The folks over at… Read More

Cocktails, Mocktails & More

Kukicha Sorbet

By On March 12, 2009

Here is a great little recipe we adapted from Ingredients: •    3 cups of water •    2 1/2 tablespoons fine-quality Green Kukicha •    3/4 cup plus 2 tablespoons sugar or 1… Read More

Arts and Crafts with Tea

Unusual Ways to Use Tea

By On February 18, 2009

Sure you can drink tea but what else can you do with it? The World Wide Web is chock-full of alternate uses for tea; some good, some bad, all entertaining. Here are… Read More

Cooking with Tea

Baking With Green Tea: The Shortcut

By On January 29, 2008

When my sister came to visit for the Holidays this year, she confessed an addiction to green tea.  For a snack she went to the local Japanese grocery store and purchased three… Read More

Cooking with Tea

Dress Your Salads with Tea

By On October 8, 2007

I mentioned in my last post that I wanted to start cooking more with tea. I found this simple recipe to use as an example of how to effectively infuse other liquids… Read More

Cooking with Tea

Waiter, There’s Tea in my Food!

By On October 5, 2007

I like to cook. No. I love to cook. It’s my hobby and my passion. I’m always scouring through magazines and books, looking for that new interesting recipe that will impress my… Read More