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Health & Lifestyle

Feeling Stressed? Try These 4 Easy Techniques

By On June 29, 2016

We all feel stressed at some point: work, school, family, finances… when it adds up, it can negatively affect your health, sleep, diet choices, and relationships. But it doesn’t have to control… Read More

8 Minute Digital Detox - Art of Tea
Health & Lifestyle

8 Minute Digital Detox with Art of Tea

By On May 4, 2016

During the month of May, we are encouraging everyone to participate in our 8 Minute Digital Detox. For more information on what exactly the 8 Minute Digital Detox is, take a look… Read More

Health & Lifestyle

Benefits of Cardamom

By On October 22, 2015

Cardamom, a spice found in chai teas, is thought to pack a healthy punch. Check out some benefits of cardamom below. [Art of Tea makes no health claims to the stated information… Read More