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Health & Lifestyle

Make Your Own Tea Blend

By On August 20, 2014

Have you ever wanted a certain blend of tea, but couldn’t find that preexisting flavor? By mixing teas, you become your own tea sommelier, and can create an infinite number of possibilities.… Read More

Cocktails, Mocktails & More

Tea-Infused Cocktail Party

By On July 3, 2014

We worked with a team of mixologists to develop 6 new, tea-infused cocktails that are sure to delight you. Developing new drinks can be thirsty work, so we invited some friends over to… Read More

Brewing Tea

Unlikely Iced Tea: Darjeeling vs. Ancient Forest

By On June 16, 2014

Darjeeling, “the champagne of teas”, is notoriously easy to start a love affair with. It could be that this delicate rarity captures exactly what is appealing and pleasurable about tea. Like champagne, Darjeeling… Read More

Fair Trade & Organic

Organic Tea Farmer Interview: Part I

By On August 5, 2010

Kinezuka Toshiaki is an organic tea farmer in Shizuoka, Japan. In the 1970s, he founded a collective of organic tea farmers, and over the years he became a vocal advocate for the environmental benefits… Read More

Fair Trade & Organic

Fair Trade Tea Trek

By On June 7, 2010

Its a challenge to find the tea shrubs in this photo. They are there. The garden isnt as picturesce as most tea plantations that you would see commercially grown but they are… Read More

Staff Chronicles

Private Access to Wuyi Mountain Reserve

By On June 2, 2010

This checkpoint is to prevent tourists, foreigners and uninvited guests away from the protective reserve. The habitat hosts a variety of  rare herbs and botanicals, rock teas, about 1000 residents and a… Read More

Staff Chronicles

Special Thanks to Mr. Zhan

By On June 2, 2010

Special thanks to Mr. Zhan. He has been my driver for first 5 days of the journey through Fujian and has successfully honked at every bicycle, tricycle carrier, pedestrian, car, ox, dog,… Read More

History and Culture of Tea

Wild Naked Potential

By On June 2, 2010

Because the crop yield is so low this year many of the farmers that would harvest their commercially grown fields are now looking elsewhere. In other words they are diving deeper into… Read More

Staff Chronicles

Trek Up Wuyishan Mountain

By On June 1, 2010

So the 4 hour trip to the Private Reserve in Wuyishan Mountain Fujian China turned to an 8 hour car ride. Side Note: Its amazing how many dialects their are along the… Read More

Staff Chronicles

Heating Elements: Charcoal or Wood?

By On May 31, 2010

Charcoal or Wood? I wish all decisions were this easy. When looking for a clear result you have two options left or right, green or red, bagel or muffin, in this case… Read More