3 Tea Flavors You MUST Try This Autumn

By October 5, 2016 Gifts, Holidays & Events

The leaves are falling, children are back in school, and the weather’s cooling down — Autumn is here and it’s the perfect time to drink tea. Imagine sitting by the window and watching the leaves swirl in the wind while sipping a nice cup to release all the stress of the day.

The question is: Are you getting a little bored of the same Earl Grey? Are you looking to try something new? Maybe you’re looking for a little more sweetness to end the day, but you don’t want all those extra calories.

In that case, consider your options. Among those are three new tea flavors at Art of Tea that are sure to compliment the autumn atmosphere.


1. Butterscotch

Our Butterscotch tea will please your sweet tooth without giving you that guilty feeling of overindulgence. Imagine your favorite buttery and silky smooth dessert melting in your mouth — well, this tea uses natural flavors to put that same deliciousness in your teacup.

You’ll get a wonderful blend of flavorful ingredients like organic white tea, organic cinnamon, organic pink peppercorn, and organic marigolds. Combined, you’ll have a terrifically smooth drink reminiscent of mouth-watering cookies.

This tea also gives you a perfect way to end the day and can help you stay away from fattening desserts. Think of it like a little decadence that will keep your hard-earned physique.

2. Dark Chocolate Peppermint

When you are in need of a deeper, darker tea that will warm your soul, try our yummy flavor of chocolate and mint. (It’s the perfect pair.) This tea is great for the upcoming holidays and has a thickness that mimics a hot chocolate, only healthier.

As always, it contains ZERO artificial flavoring while using the finest organic Pu-Erh tea, organic cocoa nibs, organic mint, and organic pink peppercorns. It’ll never fail to put a smile on your face. You can even add a candy cane for your guests to use as a stirrer!

3. Cinnamon Fig

The perfect balance of spicy and sweet in this tea makes it an ideal choice for a bitter end of autumn or early winter day. Why? First, it tastes like a delightful combination of pure maple syrup and apple orchards, with a kick of cinnamon. Second, it comforts and soothes, and may even help clear up a bit of congestion.

If you love apple cider, then you’ll love this tea. It has the same consistency and bite without all the unwanted sugar or calories.

These three teas are a wonderful addition to any tea collection and definitely hit the spot when you want something different and fun, or unique and festive. Also, these teas make for a great gift for any tea-loving family member or friend; throw in a steeping tumbler, a pretty mug, or a tea-stashing tin and you’ve got yourself every autumn tea necessity.

The best part is that you can feel good about indulging in this goodness because Art of Tea takes pride in traveling the world and selecting only the best teas and botanicals straight from the growers.

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How To Make A Coffee Lover Fall For Tea

By October 3, 2016 History and Culture of Tea

In the United States and most of Europe, coffee is the preferred choice of caffeinated beverage. Globally, however, there’s a different picture. A 2002 study found that for every one cup of coffee consumed, there are three cups of tea consumed.

This might be surprising (particularly if you live in the United States where coffee shops like Starbucks are king), but there are a lot of reasons why this is true.

For starters, there are historical and geographical reasons. Two of the biggest producers and consumers of tea are China and India, which also have the world’s two largest populations. They also have been colonized by the British Empire who distributed their tea all over the world. (That’s the reason why countries like South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand are more likely to choose tea over coffee.)

But here’s the question: If you’ve been a lifelong coffee lover, are you missing anything by avoiding tea? Aside from the well-known, fantastic health benefits, are there any other advantages to switch from coffee to tea?

Absolutely. We’ll outline some of the most significant reasons. And don’t be surprised if you become a tea drinker in less time than it takes to brew a cup of tea!


Tea is Less Expensive

Are you digging a little deeper into your pockets at the end of each month? It could be the cost of your cup o’ Joe habits. Want proof? Next time you’re in a Starbucks — or any other coffee shop — check out the cost of a cup of tea compared to a cup of coffee. More often than not, tea will be cheaper than even plain black coffees.

Considering how often some people order coffee to go, it’s easy to see how this switch could save you hundreds of dollars a year.

Tea is Easier to Make

Want to save yourself a bunch of time? All you need for a delicious cup of tea is three minutes, hot water, and a teabag.

Compare that to the process that coffee connoisseurs go through: Grind the beans, clean out the filter, put into filter, turn on the machine, wait for five minutes, and then clean out the filter.

Tea Can Be Lower Calorie

The good thing about black coffee is it’s only one calorie per serving. But how many people actually drink their coffee black?

Coffee drinks such as lattes, cappuccinos, flat whites, and all the other combinations can be anywhere between 200 to 600 calories per serving. Compare that to a cup of tea, which even with milk and sugar will only come to around a maximum of 40 to 50 calories.

There Is More Choice

There are quite a few variations of coffee bean, but it is not on the same level as tea.

There’s Earl Grey tea, Assam tea, green tea, Darjeeling tea, white tea, black tea, chamomile tea, oolong tea, English breakfast tea, Japanese cherry tea, mint tea, and the list goes on and on. None of these teas taste even remotely the same!

Different countries also have unique ways of drinking tea. For example, in China, it’s served via loose leaf in boiled water with nothing added. In India, you have Masala Chai, which is a mix of black tea and Indian herbs and spices that tastes like nothing else you’ve ever had. Then there’s Britain and Ireland where tea is served with milk and sugar.

In the US, tea is often served with the tea bag left in and rarely served with milk or sugar. It’s truly one of the most diverse drinks on the planet.

Of course, there is nothing to stop you from enjoying the unique benefits of both coffee and tea. But if you are firmly on “Team Coffee,” it might be worth it to give tea a chance.

You might find that it’s the best move you ever made.


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What Are The Perfect Teas for Morning, Noon, and Night?

By September 30, 2016 Health & Lifestyle

We’re all doing our best to live a healthy lifestyle, but sometimes things get in the way — work projects have deadlines, kids need care, and households need managing.

Despite our best efforts, we often go through our days with our minds racing in all different directions, which can leave us feeling totally wiped out. Want to combat those feelings of depletion? You might want to try to use the right teas to improve your day, morning, noon, and night.  


Morning: Yerba Mate – The Energizing Drink  

To start your day off on the right foot, you need the right drink. And the next time you’re about to reach for that cup of coffee, give Yerba Mate a try. Why?

It’s known for having the strength of coffee, the health benefits of tea, and the euphoria of chocolate. Made from a South American holly bush, this tea is traditionally prepared in a gourd, enjoyed with friends and family, and offered as a sign of friendship.    

The great thing about Yerba Mate is it boosts your energy when you first drink it while gently maintains it throughout your morning without those jitters from coffee or energy drinks. Many cultures also drink yerba mate specifically to improve their mental sharpness because it can enhances mood and memory.

Mid-Day: Matcha Green Tea – The Antioxidant Powerhouse

If it’s the middle of the day and you’re in need of some refueling, choose matcha green tea. Traditionally a staple of Japanese tea ceremonies, matcha green tea is a fine powder that delivers a very concentrated amount of antioxidants — this can help your body neutralizing free radicals caused by stress and toxicity of everyday living.  

Another amazing feature of matcha’s concentrated formula is support for metabolism. It’s also rich in easily absorbable fiber, an important part of any healthy diet that many people lack.  

When breaking for lunch, match green tea can be enjoyed in many different ways. It can be whisked into an invigorating drink or used to make a refreshing, delicious iced drink, latte, or smoothie. You can also eat it too! Added to baked goods like homemade muffins or sprinkled over a yogurt lunch.

Night: Chamomile Blends – The Calming Drink

Do you find it hard to wind down after a busy day? Are you worrying about all kinds of things? A cup of chamomile tea is the perfect cure for this common problem.

Always a great part of any relaxation ritual, it helps your body and mind let go and be at peace. Traditionally used for its healing and calming properties, it’s made from the dried, daisy-like flowers of the chamomile plant.   

Often, however, insomnia goes hand-in-hand with worry and anxiety — having a packed schedule and being responsible for so many things can really exhaust you, physically and mentally. Drinking chamomile can alleviate these stresses so you can get a great night of sleep and be ready for the next day with your A-game.

Another great benefit of chamomile is a potentially stronger immune system. Chamomile flowers have antibacterial properties and, when they’re crushed, can be applied topically to open wounds. When consumed as a tea, these properties are believed to boost immune response and protect against bacterial-related illnesses and infections.   

Drinking tea is one of the easiest ways to support an active, busy lifestyle. And by mixing-and-matching your teas for different times of the day, you can take another step towards a full and happy day.

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